Adoptees and Unknown Biological Parents

Discover your birth family! Gathering DNA and using reverse genealogy allows us to build a biological family tree to uncover your roots and find living relatives. I specialize in locating lost family members using city directories, archives, databases, and social media.

DNA Analysis

Do you need help choosing a DNA test? Need help understanding your DNA results? I offer 1-to-1 sessions where we can go over your DNA results and cousin matches on, 23andme, MyHeritage and FamilyTreeDNA. This service is perfect for grandparents and people with limited internet and computer abilities.

Forensic Genealogy

Looking for a living relative, heir, or beneficiary? Forensic genealogy gives us the ability to use DNA results to create a family tree to help identify biological relatives. This service can be especially helpful to adoptees searching for their birth family. This service has led to the discovery of entire family tree branches and solved the mystery of unknown mothers, fathers, siblings, and grandparents!

German Immigration Research

Germany does not have a national index for its vital records, and due to its ever-shifting boundaries, finding genealogy records means studying maps and local history. Many people get stuck when tracing their German ancestors because many towns and villages were destroyed or currently go by different names. Often times, these villages are located in present-day Austria, Poland, France, Lithuania, and Romania among many others.

Jewish Genealogy Research

Many Ashkenazi Jewish families believe their ancestors' records are no longer available because they were destroyed by the Nazis during the Holocaust and pogroms. However, we are blessed to be living in a time where ancestral records can now be found even for the most remote of villages in Germany, Poland, and Prussia. It is my utmost joy and pleasure to help German Jewish and Prussian Jewish families reconnect with their post-war family history.

Pre-1850s Prussian Research

A German state established in 1525, Prussia was dissolved and repartitioned several times due to war and politics. Because the borders were ever-changing until the 1940s, knowing local geography and history is a crucial step in finding genealogical records for ancestors living in Prussia which includes present-day Poland, German, Lithuania, and Denmark to name a few.

Transcription and Translation

I am able to transcribe and translate documents in English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.